Znüni News – Thursday April 29

Fancy going to a music festival this summer? It seems that, with a bit of planning, this may be possible. The government has asked cantons who are interested in running festivals and large sport events to run three mini events in June with an audience between 300 and 600 people. The people will have to prove that they have either been vaccinated, or have a negative covid test. It may be even possible to offer tests on the spot. Should these events be well run and no clusters develop then, as of July 1st events for up to 3000 people would be allowed. The audience would have to be seated, and wear masks except when drinking or eating. If all of this goes well, then as of September 1st events up to 10 000 people would be allowed. These events would be open for people aged 16 and up, who either possess a Covid-Pass (which doesn’t exist yet) or have proof of being vaccinated or have a negative test.

In the meantime, in a blow to amateur theatre groups, only professional groups are allowed to put on shows. The regional amateur theatre association is worried that this could mean the end for several theatre clubs as their memberships dry up.

The Lucerne children’s parliament had asked that all youths up to the age of 18 be allowed to take public transport in Zone 10 for free. This motion had initially been rejected by the town’s council, but all is not lost. The parliament will now decide and, although, they will not agree to children riding for free, they are considering either a compensation for families, in order to encourage children to take public transports to their out-of-school activities, or implement a cheaper children’s fee. To be decided soon.

If you are in possession of any old bank notes (8th serie or earlier) you have until April 30 to use them, after which you will only be able to use or exchange them at the post office or the SBB counters, and only, until October 30 2021. After which time only the Swiss National Bank official counters will take them. In Lucerne, that would be the Luzerner Kantonalbank.

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