Znüni News – Thursday 10 February 2022

Switzerland’s trains are the slowest in Europe, this is what a study comparing seven European countries found. Whereas you can go from Milan to Rome in 3 hours, it takes 4 hours to get from St Gallen to Geneva. This is because in other countries it is now the norm for trains to reach 300 km/h on longer stretches, whereas here the norm is 100 km/h with some spots at 200 km/h. However the trains in Switzerland are more reliable, they cover a greater surface of the country and the tickets are actually quite reasonable when compared to the other countries.

The cantons have given their opinions and it seems like the majority would like all Covid-19 measures to be lifted in one go, and this on February 17. Whether the government follows through with this recommendation will be known on February 16.

Although they are waiting for the government’s final decision, it seems like Fasnacht will be given the go ahead by the town including the much loved parades.

Did you know that it only takes 800 signatures within 60 days to get a petition to be considered by the town? An initiative calling for the Lözärner Määs – our local autumn fair – to remain in the city at the Inseli was started two weeks ago and in that time they managed to gather 3300 signatures sending a strong signal to the city.

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