Znuni News – Monday September 7

It‘s autumn and with it cold/flu season, the Lucerne canton hospital put out an advisory that even with mild symptoms people should self isolate and, if in doubt, take a Covid-19 test. The results usually come back within 48 hours, during which time people should stay away from others.  Unfortunately even though young children often get colds, the same rules apply to them, meaning that the children should not go to school but stay home until 24 hours after the last symptom disappears or take the test, but that is up to their pediatrician to decide. 

Here is a table with the most common symptoms.

Cases continue to go up in Switzerland with the weekly average at 327 cases.

All the same parliament will resume today, albeit with a lot of plexiglas in between seats to protect people. The main topic for today is, you‘ve guessed, the pandemic.

Yesterday the first half marathon of the season took place in Sarnen. Despite the rain and cooler temperatures all 1000 runners were simply happy to be out and running again, even if they had to do so wearing masks.

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