Znüni News – Monday September 5

In the last 20 years, two million people migrated to Switzerland, bringing the current population close to 9 million (8.75 million). In the first half of this year alone 100 000 people migrated here, roughly 60 000 Ukrainians, 30 000 through regular immigration and a further 7000 asylum seekers from other countries. As a consequence the SVP (right wing party) is looking to put an initiative forward that would cap immigration. Should the population reach 9.5 million then the agreement with the EU for the free movement of people should be renegotiated. Should the number reach 10 million it should be stopped completely. However, the initiative is in its infancy phase and will not be put forward this year.

You can expect your electricity bill to go up by 25% this winter, but the price of gas will only go marginally up (by 0.5 rappen per /kWh). This is because there is enough gas in reserve. Whether the price may go up in the future depends on how long the energy crisis continues.

The Gay Pride parade in Lucerne on Saturday attracted 2000 people who celebrated diversity and called for more equality regardless of gender. This was followed by a Pride Christian mass in the St Peter’s chapel on Sunday. It was the first one celebrated in Lucerne in 17 years.

The ETH Zürich is looking for E.T. It has launched a project which costs CHF 9 million to look for extra terrestrial life in space. It is planning to build an “Extra Large Telescope” bigger than the James Webb Telescope which will specifically look for signs of life on other planets.

This week the weather is definitely more on the autumnal side, with temperatures in the mid to low 20s° Celsius and a mix of sun and rain.

Have a great week!

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