Znüni News – Monday September 20.

As of today, anyone entering Switzerland must have filled out this online form, regardless of whether you have a certificate or not. Also anyone not doubly vaccinated or recovered (with the Covid certificate to prove this) will have to show a negative antigen or PCR test, the type of transport used to enter the country is irrelevant. You can read more about this here.

France is angry; first with Australia for reneging on their deal to have new submarines to patrol the Pacific ocean built in France, choosing US nuclear power submarines instead. Now France’s president Macron has cancelled a long scheduled meeting with our president Guy Parmelin in retaliation for the deal struck between Switzerland and the US back in spring for new fighter jets. Switzerland had preferred to buy the American jets over French ones.

Switzerland is also dealing with a diplomatic cool down with the EU, after having broken off discussions with the “block” before the summer. In retaliation Europe has cut off funding for research projects in the country. Conversations have not really restarted as how best to proceed.

It seems, therefore, a little ironic that the World Economic Forum which will be taking place in Davos this January has chosen “Working together, restoring trust” as its theme.

It’s a grey start to the week, but as the week goes on we can expect ever more sunshine.

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