Znüni News – Monday September 17

The day began with traffic chaos between Luzern and Kriens after an accident between 3 cars and a truck in the Sonnenberg tunnel; expect at a 30 minute delay to get onto the highway and infront of the tunnel.

A wolf has been spotted in the region of Flühli and killed/maimed 6 sheep on Sunday. The wolves have been travelling from Italy and are now implanted in Switzerland. Shepherds are financially compensated in the case that one or more of their flock are attacked by wolves.

Every 6th woman and 20th man is stalked in Switzerland. In order to make the victim‘s life easier, convicted stalkers will now have to wear an electronic tag which will raise the alarm should they find themselves in the proximity of their victims. This system has been put in place as a pilot project in Zurich and was deemed a success by both the victim and the stalker who said that way he could make sure he wasn‘t „accidently“ in the victim‘s vicinity. The sytem should soon be rolled out nationwide.

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