Znüni News – Monday October 29

Over 10 000 runners braved the rain and cold yesterday to take part in the 12th Lucerne Marathon. The weather was inclement and the temperatures never went much above 5° celsius. Some 11730 runners signed up and 10147 were at the start line. The best times were run by Elias Gemperli who ran the marathon in 2 hours 27 minutes and 53 seconds for the men and by Franziska Inauen with 2 hours  51 minutes and 7 seconds for the women. Roughly 25 000 spectators came to cheer the runners along.

For the second time in a week an apartment caught fire in Luzern (this time in the neighbourhood of Littau). The fire started shortly after 5 p.m., several people were trapped and needed to be evacuated via ladders by the firemen. Eight people were rushed to hospital, including two firemen. The building is currently uninhabitable and the firemen are still trying to figure out what started the fire.

Friday afternoon an emergency call was made when a passerby saw a rower fall into the lake of Zug. The lake police set off to try and help the person but no one has been able to find him. It is thought that the victim is an experienced older rower who has not been since Friday, and whose rowing boat was found on the lake. The search continues but unfortunately not with much hope of finding the victim alive.

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