Znüni News – Monday October 26

Good Monday everyone! Today we will try to update you on things that have nothing to do with the „C“ word, there will be plenty of opportunities to talk about that as the weeks roll on.

To start with, crime doesn‘t pay. An Iranian couple fulfilled their dream and opened a bar a few years back, but when it failed to succeed and debts begin to pile up they decide to take drastic measures. They reasoned that by setting the bar on fire, they would get the insurance money and be able to pay their debts back. Unfortunately their plan was quickly uncovered (after the fire was set ablaze) and instead they were sent to jail and have been sentenced to be deported from Switzerland for a minimum of 10 years.

In a survey organised by the city one thousand over 65 year olds were asked what they thought of living in Lucerne. The majority were happy with their living situation, saying that the public transport system is good (95% move around the city on foot or by bus), so is health care and home care solutions. However they felt that there is a distinct lack of public toilets and benches for people to sit on and watch the world go by. 

Finally do you know what a Wettereschmöcker is? Usually an older bearded farmer from Central Switzerland who by observing nature can (more or less) accurately predict the weather for the coming season. The Wetterschmöcker met this weekend and have prophesised that this winter will be one with loads of snow, colder temperatures and spring will take its time before making an appearance. So we might be looking forward to a white Christmas…. oh no, I was doing so well! ;-P

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