Znüni News – Monday October 24.

It sounds like it belongs in an action movie, but blowing up bancomat seems to have become quite the trend in Switzerland this year, with already 40 cases reported, and another one happening this weekend in Reiden. The problem is that the amount of explosives used is often disproportionate and sometimes whole buildings have been damaged by the explosion and their inhabitants needing to be evacuated. The trend is also happening in neighbouring countries with a general increase observed.

The electronic payment organisation has warned that should there be any electricity blackouts this winter all electronic payments systems would be down, as would the possibility to withdraw money from cashpoints. Supermarkets are looking for solutions on how to counter this problem should it really occur.

SwissGrid is the company that supervises how Switzerland is using its electricity and is preparing should any shortages occur this winter. Switzerland is constantly either exporting its electricity, usually in the morning (most often to Italy and France), or importing it as the electricty produced by renewable energies aborad kicks in. Switzerland is connected through 41 extra high voltage lines to other countries. The government is still asking people to be thoughtful about how much electricity they use, especially as we head into colder months.

It was meant to be a premiere, but the first men’s downhill race in Zermatt was cancelled this weekend due to a lack of snow on the slopes. Although the race had been delayed by 6 days, the warm temperatures prevented any artificial snow from taking. Hope still remains that the slope will be ready for the women’s downhill race on November 5/6.

The last days of October are going to be warm and sunny (after today), expect daytime temperatures to be around 20° celsius.

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