Znüni News- Monday October 22

Last week we mentioned the case between the Swiss Army and Victorinox over the right to use the term Swiss Military. The two parties were able to reach an agreement on Friday: the Swiss Army has now trademarked the term “Swiss Military” and is now leasing the name to Victorinox for their new line of perfume in the United States. After all, what everyone wants is to go around smelling like the “Swiss Military”, right?

The murder case in Brunnen has been solved and, unfortunately, it seems like it was a family drama. Thursday afternoon the charred remains of a woman were found in her home and as the police approached the building a young man fled. This man turned out to be the victim’s eighteen year old son who has now been charged with her murder.

For the sixth time, bearded men gathered in Engelberg to take part in the longest beard competition. Unlike other contests where men pomade, gel and style their beards, here the men are put in a stock before having their beards shaved off and weighed. The good humoured event attracted 75 bearded men, and the heaviest beard weighed 25,14 grs. Most men have said that after a couple of shaves they will let their beards grow again and will enter in the competition again next year.

Picture Urs Flüeler

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