Znüni News – Monday October 15

A patient was surprised to be presented with a CHF 10 000.- bill for his hospital stay when he not only had a half private insurance but also “zusatzversicherung”. More and more insurance companies are restricting the number of hospitals patients can choose from, so it is important to check before booking your next hospital stay. Also if you want to see whether you have the best insurance policy, the LiLi Centre is now offering a quick check service by an insurance broker. More details here.

The warmer weather has put an end to the Iglu Dorf in Engelberg. Started 13 years ago, the Iglu Dorf was the opportunity to sleep in an igloo on the Trübsee. However the company who runs the Iglu Dorf has said that at only 1800 metres the weather has become too unpredictable, and the igloos have lost their stability. In the past 13 years nearly 25 000 people slept in igloos in Engleberg. The company is looking for a new venue in central Switzerland. Meanwhile you can still experience sleeping in an igloo if you go to Zermatt, Schilthorn, Stockhorn, Gstaad and Davos. If you are interested you can find out more here.

A terrible coach accident happened on Sunday morning in the Tessin. The coach was carrying teenagers on their way from Köln to Assisi in Italy. The driver lost control (for as yet unknown reasons) and crashed into a pylon. A massive rescue operation took place to tend to the 14 people who were injured, one woman died from her injuries.


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