Znüni News – Monday November 23

There is a definite nip in the air and the more sporty amongst us are looking for the first signs of snow to get out onto the slopes. This is working to Engelberg’s advantage. It has announced that its sale for the Titlis seasonal cards has gone up by nearly 40% compared to last year. Other resorts are also doing well with pre-seasonal ticket sales, whilst some of the smaller ones seem to be suffering. It is unclear whether the ski slopes will be open throughout the whole winter, as the government could shut them down at any time. For now though, the future is looking like fresh ski tracks in powder snow for many.

There is a wolf in our mountains. Sightings of a wolf have been made in Entlebuch, Kriens and on the Pilatus, and Saturday night a sheep was killed by what seems to have been a wolf. It is unclear whether it is just one animal or whether several wolves have moved into the neighbourhood.

In order to fight food waste a new initiative “Madame Frigo” has been launched. 60 fridges located around the country have been placed and are accessible to anyone. The motto is “Bring what you want, take what you need”, encouraging people to bring food that they would otherwise throw out and take what they need. There currently are three such fridges in Lucerne: Bourbaki, Helvetiaplatz and in Tribschen . You are allowed to bring fruit, vegetables, bread as well as products in their original, unopened packages which haven’t reached their sell-by date. Alcohol, meat, fish and homecooked products are not allowed. Find out more here.

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