Znüni News – Monday November 22

Austria begun its partial lockdown this night. This affects everyone regardless of vaccination status, and will last for a minimum of 10 days. Meanwhile Switzerland is looking to the cantons to put further measures into place, such as more places requiring a Covid certificate (for example visitors in hospitals), or making wearing masks mandatory at cultural events even if the Covid certificate is required. It remains to be seen whether each canton will take up these suggestions.

Is your company planning a Christmas party? According to the gastronomy branch, in view of the rising number of Covid cases, more and more companies are playing it safe, and cancelling their Christmas dinners before they have to pay a late cancellation fee, much to the restaurants’ frustration.

An unfortunate accident took place on Saturday in the Mythen Shopping Centre, when a large Christmas decoration hanging from the ceiling broke off and fell on shoppers injuring six women, two of whom grievously. The shopping mall was closed for the rest of the day as a consequence.

More and more people a living alone. This according to the department of statisics. In the last 10 years the percentage of people living alone has risen from 15.3% to 25.7%, whereas the number of families with 5 people or more has shrunk from 24.7% to 15.3%. This is a reflection of the times, women are having fewer children, people are living longer and more independently, and the price of rentals means that people can afford to rent an apartment by themselves.

It’s going to be a grey and cold week. This Sunday will be the first Sunday of Advent.

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