Znüni News – Monday November 15

In Austria starting today, people who are neither vaccinated nor recovered from Covid-19 are in lockdown; meaning that they can only leave their homes to go to work, buy essentials or go to the doctor. The incident of cases for the non-vaccinated population in Austria is 1700 cases per 100 000, bringing their national incidence to 815 per 100 000 people. The Austrian government is also looking into instauring a nighttime curfew for all.

The numbers of new cases are exploding in all of Europe. Germany is looking into reinstating home office. The Netherlands has reinstated a national lockdown after 6 p.m. and recommending personal gatherings in private homes stay at 4 people; Israel is thinking of putting the whole of Europe on its travel red list.

Meanwhile Switzerland is going to make the booster vaccine available to all over 12 year olds. The current incidence in the country is at 408.3 cases per 100 000 inhabitants.

The vaccination week was a mitigated success, but at least the concerts that had been organised for the campaign and which were initially sabotaged by anti-vaxxers ended in Lucerne to a sold out house of 500 people.

Staff on the SBB trains are reporting being victims of harassment and violence on a daily basis by people who refuse to wear masks and take their frustration out on them.

It will be a foggy week with temperatures remaining under 10° Celsius.

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