Znüni News – Monday November 12

More and more people lived abroad but work in Lucerne. Known as “Grenzgäner”- border-crossers, these people officially live in France, German or Italy but work in Switzerland during the week. This is nothing new in Geneva which has one of the largest number of border-crossers, but in the last 12 years the number has gone from 0 to 621 in the canton of Lucerne. Overall 312 000 people are registered as border-crossers in Switzerland. The main attraction are the Swiss salaries and the low cost of living in other countries. The forecast is for this trend to continue.

A tragic accident occured last week when an ebike rider fell off his bike into the Rhon and died as a consequence. The rider was 72 years old; there has been an increase in accidents with older cyclists who would, probably, not be on bikes were it not for the ease of riding an ebike. Due to their potential to reach high speeds there is a call for ebikes to be treated as motorized vehicules which would come with the accompanying obligations for insurance and registration, whether that would lower the number of accidents remains to be seen.

Meteorologists are expecting new temperature records for the month of November to be reached today, as a combination of a warm air mass and the “föhn” wind could bring us temperatures reaching 23° in the valleys.

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