Znüni News – Monday May 31

Today is the day when life gets to feel a little normal again as the following restrictions are lifted:

Home office is no longer compulsory but a recommendation; companies who carry out regular tests are allowed to have their employees back in the offices.

Up to 30 people can gather for a private event indoors and 50 outdoors. Should the event take place in a public venue (restaurant, hotel etc..) then it’s up to 50 people.

Restaurants can reopen with up to 4 people allowed to sit per table indoors and 6 people outdoors. Masks are no longer mandatory once seated. Contact information continues to be mandatory.

Cultural and sport events are now allowed with an audience of up to 100 people indoors and 300 outdoors.

Up to 50 amateurs are allowed to play sports together. The same regulation applies to amateur culture. Outdoor choir concerts are allowed again. Thermal baths and wellness facilities are allowed to reopen.

Going away for the holidays? On your return to Switzerland you no longer have to be tested or go into quarantine so long as you have been vaccinated or can prove that you had covid-19 in the last 6 months .

In a comparison of how European countries were affected by Covid-19, Switzerland seems to have faired relatively well. Since February 2020 Switzerland had the least home schooling days (40) in Europe (Italy had 153). Surprisingly Switzerland comes in second for full vaccinations at 19% (behind the UK 35% and ahead of Germany and Austria at 16%). An avearge of 118 per 100 000 inhabitants died from the virus in Switzerland just behind Germany at 109 and Italy 208. In 2020 the GPO fell by 3% in Switzerland (Sweden was lowest at -2.8%, the UK at -9.9% and France with -8% suffered the most). Predictions though are that France and the UK will recover the most in 2021 (+4.2), whereas Switzerland will recover by +2.2%.

Do you have an automatic lawn mower? If yes, please do not run it at night. This is when hedgehogs and other nocturnal creatures are out hunting (for slugs amongst other things) and the number of incidents of them being runover by robot lawnmowers is on the rise.

Finally, the sun is here to stay and temperatures this week are going to feel positive balmy (around 25°), nights should go under 10°, good news for gardeners!

The best news of the day? The LiLi Centre has officially reopened as of this morning!! Be sure to check out the weekly programme and pop in to say hi to one of our volunteers and try out our new coffee machine.

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