Znüni News – Monday May 28

A fire broke out in Europapark on the weekend, meaning that several of the parc’s 25 000 visitors had to be evacuated. It took 300 firemen, 100 policemen and 550 helpers to contain the blaze whose origin is still unclear. The parc was able to reopen on Sunday although several of its rides still remain closed.

The Art Deco Hotel Montana was voted „Hotel of the year“ 2018/2019 by the Swiss Hotel Rating. Although it is a 4 star hotel, several rooms have been upgraded to 5 stars and hotel director Fritz Erni has been rewarding for his innovation and sense of initiative. If you haven‘t been there or would like to visit it in more detail then you are in luck:

This Sunday will be the „Please Disturb“ campaign which is run by hotels and offer the public free reign in many hotels all through Switzerland. You can find out more here.

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