Znüni News – Monday May 23.

The World Economic Forum started this week in Davos. Obviously the war in Ukraine will be high on the agenda but also the climate emergency, the global food crisis and the energy supply uncertainty. You can watch some of the pannel discussions here.

The area around Wasseramt, Solothurn has fallen victim to a mysterious pyromaniac, who has started 13 fires in the past few weeks. Whereas in the beginning it was mainly empty huts, the person has now begun to burn wooden houses, a school and two businesses. The police are worried that with the escalation of items being burned there is also a growing risk that someone could get injured.

How many tourists are in town at any one time? That is what the tourism office would like to find out and they have come up with an innovative way of doing this. As of July, sensors will be placed at the lion’s monument, Schwanenplatz and on the Chapel Bridge. These sensors will not count how many people are passing by, but rather, will count the number of mobile phones thanks to their wifi emissions. This way the information will remain anonymous. The collected information will help the tourism office to see when the peak hours for visitors are. Europaparc have a similar system in place which helps them calculate how long the queues to attractions are.

Expect local beer to become more expensive. The conflict in Ukraine is having many consequences beyond its borders. One of which is that the production of glass bottles is getting more expensive as the price of gas rises; the bottles are also taking longer to be delivered and are costing more, therefore the consumer can expect to see a price rise very soon.

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