Znüni News – Monday May 16.

Switzerland voted yesterday and all three national motions were accepted. Switzerland will spend more for European borders security, Streaming companies will have to donate 4% of their domestic revenue to the film industry in Switzerland and people will have to opt-out of donating their organs should they die in an intensive care unit. Relatives, however, have the final say unless wishes for or against organ donations was clearly stated by the deceased.

Locally both initiatives were also accepted, the Reuss banks will be spruced up and 27 km of bikes paths will be created or improved. You can read the full detail of the referendums here.

In Zürich, a new city card was voted in, this card allows people without legal permits (sans papier) to access medical and jurisdical help without fear of being thrown out of the country. The other two initiatives, allowing 16 year olds to vote and up to 18 weeks of parental (maternity/paternity) leave were rejected.

Last night saw some real stormy weather over Switzerland. Visp in the Wallis which had registered 30° Celsius during the day, then had hurricane winds of 96 km/h. Over 12 500 lighting bolts were registered nationally. Expects more stormy weather tonight and warm but less stable weather in the coming week.

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