Znüni News – Monday May 10

Yesterday was the warmest day by far this year, with temperatures hitting 28° in Altendorf. This was just in time for the opening of “badi season”. To date the Seebad Luzern, Seebad Horw, Parkbad Kleinfeld Kriens, Rootsee Badi and Lido Weggis are all open. However the weather will turn to rain and cooler temperatures as of tomorrow.

In the number games, the number of coronavirus cases continues to go down (now around 1600 a day), the covid-19 task force had foreseen that the numbers could reach 10 000 a day by June. According to the task force the reason for the low numbers, besides the good weather encouraging people to be outdoors where the infection risk is much lower, is the fact that the Swiss population overall follow the social distancing rules, and mass testing and self testing help people to find out whether they are infected sooner thereby minimising exposure. However, according to them, it remains too soon to allow restaurants to open up indoors.

72% of the Swiss population is willing to be vaccinated and as of next week the vaccines will open to the whole adult population of Lucerne. Now the question is whether children should also be vaccinated and, if yes, from what age.

The winner of the “Allstars Ninja Warriors Germany” is a called Astrid Sibon, she is originally Dutch but works and lives in Geuensee. She won the 25 000 Euro cash prize beating both men and women in this physically challenging competition.

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