Znüni News – Monday March 6.

Another football match and the same story. Despite the security put in place the fans from the visiting club (in this case the FC Basel), vandalised the train taking them to the stadium so much so that it had to be taken out of service. They then went through the town, after the match, committing various acts of vandalism including attacking police cars. No perpetrators have been identified.

As we slowly come out of this winter, the government has its eyes on the winter of 23/24 and the possible energy crisis that we may be facing then. This debate is not necessarily about putting the climate as a priority but, rather preventing electricity blackouts at all costs. In the coming months all possibilities for energy sources will be looked into, including the return of producing energy using nuclear power.

The iconic Swiss chocolate company Toblerone is planning on moving its factory from the canton of Bern to Slovakia, this means that it will not be eligible to have the Matterhorn represented on its packaging. Not to worry, the shape will remain the same and a generic mountain will be represented. But this symbol of Swissness will be lost.

This year has seen the least snow fall in the region in memory. Smaller ski resorts (such as Sörenberg) have seen their profits drop by 35%. Looking into the future, in order to avoid closing, they will have to invest in snow machines which, in turn, will mean that tickets will have to become more expensive, and skiing will become a luxury sport.

This week will be a mix of sun and rain with temperatures hovering around 10° celsius.

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