Znüni News – Monday March 5

The referendum results came in yesterday and the governments directives were followed with the No Billag initiative being turned down by a majority of 71.4%. But it still remains clear that the public service television and radio will have to rethink its future. The first step will be by finding a way to cut 100 million francs from its budget

84.1% of voters agreed to let the governement further decide (until 2035)  whether taxes should be raised or not.

Locally 62.1% of voters voted against the „Cheaper living for all“ initiative. The initiative initiators still think that the need for cheaper apartments still needs to be addressed.

In other news, a new gun reform will need to be implemented. In order to remain in the Schengen system, Switzerland has to accept the EU gun reforms. There has been a „Swiss“ exception put into place, namely allowing soldiers to keep their military weapon at home after their service. The only noticeable changes will be that hobby gun owners will only be allowed to buy a semi automatic weapon if they belong to a shooting association or can prove that they train regularly. The other main change is that gun owners will have to register their weapons at their local gun control department. Gun owners will have a grace period of 3 years to comply.

Every 10th person in the canton of Lucerne is a dual national. Five years ago the statistic was at 6.1%. This study was done in Kriens but is considered to be relatively representative of the canton as a whole. Germans are the number one nationality to have dual nationality with 18.9%, with Kosovo, Italy and Portugal making up the top 4 nationalities. Part of this is due to bi national marriages, as every third marriage in Switzerland is between a Swiss and foreign person. Children from these mariages usually become dual nationals, leading to the higher statistic. Compared to other cantons, however, the number remains quite low. Geneva has a 45% of dual nationals and the country average is 17.3%. The expectation is that the number in the canton will grow.

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