Znüni News – Monday March 20.

Obviously the headlines this morning are about the fusion between Credit Suisse and UBS. UBS bought Credit Suisse for close to 3 billion francs yesterday, that’s 0.76 a share when on Friday the CS shares were valued at just under 2 francs. The concensus is that this was the best of the bad solutions and the coming weeks will no doubt be spent in a lot of finger pointing and blaming on why it all came to this. What is important right now, is that Credit Suisse customers are not losing any of their money and the global financial market will not be destabilised by this incident.

The train station has reopened after its first weekend of being nearly completely closed down. Traffic around the train station may have been a little more intense but overall operations ran smoothly. There will be further closures on the weekends of April 1/2 and 15/16.

The SBB will no longer be selling train tickets to Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Finnland, Portugal, Poland or the United Kingdom be it at their counters or online. Focusing instead on selling tickets to Germany, France, Italy and Austria. The exceptions will be the Eurostar to London, the TGV from Paris to Barcelona as well as the direct night trains to Zagreb and Amsterdam will continue to be sold. This is because of a new online booking system which is not compatible with the old system which dates back to the 80s.

Zweifel Chips has sold more chips than ever last year making a revenue of over 287 million francs. Their Spreitenbach factory produced 10 000 tonnes of chips in 2022.

A woman was arrested as part of a group who are phoning older people and pretending to be policemen and women. They are asking for money (in cash) to help out a relative of the person contacted. The two senior citizens she contacted were smart enough to call 117 and check out her story. The real police then waited for her to come and collect the money before arresting her. The police confirms that it would never ask anyone to give them cash to bail someone out, and to call the number 117 if in any doubt.

Spring is here! Temperatures will remain in the mid teens this week, and remember that we will be switching to summer time next weekend!

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