Znüni News – Monday June 13

For the first time in 20 years there are more jobs available than people unemployed in Switzerland. The worst hit industry is the gastronomy scene with 40% of restaurants and bars being understaffed. Part of it is due to the lockdown when many businesses fired their staff who then changed careers. They are now struggling to find new staff who are willing to work long irregular hours in not very well paid conditions. Other industries are affected too though, such as IT, mechanical engineering, or the watch industry which are all struggling to fill their positions. Whoever is looking for work actually stands a good chance of finding something.

The police is overwhelmed by the number of events it has to cover for security purposes and has, therefore, decided to temporarily close 22 posts in the canton of Lucerne over the summer. In Lucerne the train station post and the Reussbühl post will both remain closed until August at the earliest.

Was it him? Yes, on Saturday Roger Federer was in Emmen to open the refurbished playground at the Emmen Dorf School. His foundation gave CHF 44 000.- towards the project. His foundation has, to date, supported 31 playgrounds in the Germand and French speaking part of Switzerland.

Today may be a little cooler but from tomorrow you can expect lots of sun and temperatures around 30° Celsius until the end of the week (at least).

A big thank you to everyone who volunteered and/or showed up to help the LiLi Centre celebrate its 6th anniversary on Saturday. It was a lovely day with great food, events and people. Long live the LiLi Centre!

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