Znüni News – Monday July 5

Last monday’s storm caused over 7000 insurance claims and more than 60 million francs worth of damage. Some houses saw their roofs totally destroyed and garages are booked out for repairs to windshields. Insurance companies are comparing the damage caused to that of the storm “Lothar” which took place in 1999.

People have their eyes firmly turned on vacations and, for many, this means finding a pet sitter. It seems that this is easier said than done, with most animal holiday homes being completely booked out for the holidays, meaning that many owners who had adopted animals during the lockdown are now bringing them to animal shelters.

The 114. Central Switzerland Schwinger Fest took place in Ibach this weekend, without an audience. The clash of the (farming) titans, saw the four favourites eliminated and a new king crowned. Namely Joel Ambühl who is 23, from Hergiswil bei Willisau, and is seen as the new schwinger on the block. His prize is a bull called “Hubi”.

Weather wise it will be a mixed bag this week, with sunny spells and thunderstorms, temperatures will be between 20°C and 26°C during the day.

Have a nice week.

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