Znüni News – Monday January 25

Since yesterday anyone from an EU/EFTA country wishing to enter France via sea or air will need to have a negative PCR test which is no older than 72 hours. France is in all probability heading into its 3rd lockdown and there is talk of curbing traveling within Europe to only essential travels. Belgium has already implemented this.

The Swiss government is wondering whether they should also implement a testing rule for people returning into the country. Leaders of all political parties signed a letter calling for people entering the country to have a negative PCR test with them or do a quick test at the border and then quarantine for 5 days even if the test is negative. The decision will be made on Wednesday when the government announces its new traveling rules.

All men are equal but some are more equal than others, especially if you are a billionaire. The South African billionaire Johann Rupert, who is president of the luxury goods company Richemont with headquarters in Geneva, flew into Switzerland by private jet end of December and was one of the first people to receive the vaccine at a clinic in Thurgau owned by the Hirslanden group, where he is a shareholder. This, although he doesn’t belong to the high risk categories which should get vaccinated. He had first tried to get the vaccine at the St Anna clinic in Lucerne but was refused. Other VIPs who have received the vaccine although they don’t belong to risk groups are the director of a children’s hospital in Basel, where there are 1000 employees but only 100 vaccines available at the time and our heads of government.

To date 170 000 people have received the vaccine in Switzerland. Basel is the canton which has vaccinated the most to date: 5.5 per 100 000 people and Thurgau the least with 1.1 per 100 000. Lucerne is at 2.2 and Zug at 3.7. General practicioners in Lucerne are upset that they have not beeen allowed to vaccinate their patients as they feel that they know best who would need to be prioritised or not.

Finally the World Economic Forum begins today online and not in Davos as it usually does. You can follow the talks here.

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