Znüni News – Monday January 24. 2022

Although the number of cases has never been higher, the department of health thinks that we will soon be done with having to show certificates.They are forecasting that within weeks home office will not be mandatory anymore and neither will quarantine. This despite the fact that more and more operations are being put on hold because of a lack of available beds in ICUs. To date nearly 20% of the population in the canton of Lucerne has had Covid-19 of one variant or another.

As of February 1st expect to pay between 10% and 20% more for your taxi ride. This price adjustment is being put in place because the current fare price hasn‘t been changed since 2008. Now taking a taxi in Lucerne will cost the same as in other Swiss cities.

The Swiss skier Beat Feuz won the downhill race in Kitzbühl yesterday, with the Nidwaldner Marco Odermatt coming in second. The sensation of the weekend was the British skier Dave Ryding who won the slalom race on Saturday at the age of 35. It is the first time that an Englishman wins a slalom race at the World cup level.

Ever heard of the saying „Oben blau, unten grau“? That‘s what we can expect this week. Sunshine in the mountains and fog in Lucerne, so you know what to do.

Have a nice week!

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