Znüni News – Monday January 23.

Switzerland seems to have a lice problem. Since last November school children are being infected by lice and the country is currently running low on special lice shampoo. Chemists are having to order the product abroad and prices are going up as a consequence.

Over 1.5 million people are on a US no-fly list and a hacker, based in Lucerne, not only found the list on an insecure server, but shared it online causing a political outcry in the US. Thi is not the first time that this hacker with the pseudonym Maia Arson Crimew has shared sensitive information online and the US has already called for her to be jailed for at least 20 years for her “crimes”. She says that she is fighting for radical transparency and is against policed capitalism.

Last November during a concert, a yodelling club in Appenzell Ausserhorden performed a song during which one of their singers blackfaced, wore a wig, straw skirt and carried a bongo on to the stage. The Appenzeller prosecutor’s office originally opened a legal pursuit against the group for racial discrimination, but have now cancelled it as they say that although the man did blackface he was not saying anything racist or discriminating and it was part of the performance. The yodel club director does not see what was wrong with their performance, whereas the “Foundation against racism” finds that blackfacing is an absolute no-go in this day and age.

Things are heating up for federal councillor Alain Berset as emails have been shared appearing to show that he knew that governmental decisions pertaining to the Covid-19 strategy were being shared by his department to the head of Ringier Press Agency. His political future seems to be very much on the line.

Temperatures are going to remain freezing this week and the sky grey. Next week may bring another big snow dump in the mountains.

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