Znüni News – Monday January 16.

The World Economic Forum begins today. This meeting for the world’s shakers and makers will take place in the ski resort of Davos until January 23. You can follow the conferences and find out more about the programme of events here.

This weekend saw the unofficial launch of Fasnacht with the “Bahnhof Guuggeten”. Several Fasnacht bands played in the train station throughout the day and into the evening to a thrilled and raucous crowd. If it was a foreboder of what is to come, it is obvious that this year’s Fasnacht is going to be one big party. This year’s Fasnacht will officially begin on February 16.

A wolf has been seen roaming near Littau, i.e. the outskirts of Lucerne. There is a motion calling for wolves to be shot as a preventive measure, it remains to be seen whether this wolf would be considered a risk or not.

As of next school year, only parents who have a recognised diploma as teachers will be allowed to home school their children. Up to now parents who have a matura diploma were allowed to teach their children at home, and this has helped many children who were confronted with extreme bullying or suicidal thoughts. To force these children back to school would be a terrible mistake finds the Bildung Zu Hause organisation which supports parents offering home schooling.

This weekend the famous Lauberhorn ski race took place in Wengen. This was also the opportunity to watch Beat Feuz compete one last time in Switzerland. He holds the record for the most podium spots in world cup downhill racing (47). He came in 5th in Wengen and will retire after his last race in Kitzbühl which takes place this weekend. Marco Odermatt from Nidwalden and currently ranking as world number one came in second, leaving the win to Norwegian Kilde.

This week you can expect the winter to be back with temperatures not rising much above zero and a possibility of snow on wednesday.

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