Znüni News – Monday January 15

If you have been looking for a new source of protein, rejoice as of today you can buy worm and grasshoper burgers in the coop supermarket at the Löwenplatz. Last year the government made it legal to sell insects as food in Switzerland and now supermarkets are beginning to offer products made out of creepy crawlies. Just beware that it currently costs twice as much as meat to buy.

A primary school in Basel has decided to communicate with foreign parents in „simple deutsch“. Fearing that too many parents of foreign children are not understanding the letters they are being sent, the school has vowed to simplify its language. Communication will be simplified to one sentence per line and complex words will be separate like this Lehr-person. Local schools do not see the advantage of this and argue that this is actually stigmatising for parents. They point out that there are translators available should parents really have trouble understanding and that they promote learning German from the youngest age possible.

If you fancy a staycation in Lucerne this month, then the following deal is for you 25 local hotels are offering room rates very cheaply for people who live in town. The purpose is to discover what staying at a local hotel feels like and then, presumably, recommending the hotel to any friends coming to visit. Ranging from CHF 75.- for a room in a 3 star hotel to CHF 250.- in a five star you can find out more at nichtdaheim2018.luzern.one 

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