Znüni News – Monday January 10. 2022

It’s known as the 5th season, and for Luzerners it is a highlight of the year. However, Fasnacht this year seems to be on its way to being cancelled again due to the high number of Covid cases. Some towns (like Hildsrieden) have already postponed it to 2023, whereas others (such as Wolhusen) have come up with the novel concept of celebrating Fasnacht this summer. The city of Lucerne will decide at the end of this month whether to go ahead with the celebrations or not. Fasnacht was due to take place between February 24th. and March 1st.

Beware scammers are on the prowl. Currently posing as bank employees who are having trouble getting a large payment to you, they will phone and ask for your bank details. They will either “transfer” you to a work colleague or the police to get your details down. So far they have managed to scam people out of several tens of thousands francs by doing so. Also online scammers are sending emails with Trojan horses and are then asking for ransoms in exchange of giving people access to their laptop again. Once reserved for large companies, they are now targeting smaller companies and individuals. The solution? According to experts it is to back up your data on a server which is not directly linked to your computer.

It looks like quarantine for people who have been in contact with a person found to be positive with Covid-19 will soon last only 5 days. This instead of the current official 10 which has already been reduced to 7 in some cantons such as Lucerne. Confused? Yeap, me too. Your best bet should you fnd yourself required to quarantine is to look up the rules for the canton you live in.

This week we will experience a high pressure over Switzerland meaning that it will be perfect weather conditions to enjoy some snow fun. But do so responsibly, check the avalanche levels and only freeride with other experienced skiers. You can read our article on freeride skiing here.

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