Znüni News – Monday February 27.

Fasnacht is over, long live Fasnacht! The last confetti was swept up a while back in Lucerne after what was considered by many as an epic Fasnacht season in Lucerne, with record numbers of spectators at the parades, and warm weather helping people to come out and play longer in the streets. For those die hards it is now time to head to Basel for their version of Fasnacht which began this morning. An affair with pipers and drummers and less scary costumes but loads of fun to be had all the same.

Women should work more in order to help with the lack of qualified personnel the country is currently facing. For this to happen better childcare facilities need to be put into place, but here lies the rub: there aren’t enough qualified daycare professionals to look after the little ones. So despite the government now offering even more financial support to families, daycare centres are having to close because of not having enough caregivers for the children. A nice catch-22, isn’t it?

Our football club continues to have an ongoing fierce internal fight. Now, the restaurant the Schutzenhaus, which is adjacent to the stadium, and is run by mr Alsptaeg’s gastronomical company, has decided to kick out anyone belonging to the club’s management from its board. Mr Alpstaeg has been trying to reclaim a part of his shares of the football club which would give him the absolute majority. The club’s management and its fans are fighting him, leading to an ongoing battle of wills and these kind of antics.

The infamous prisoner “Carlos” will not be set free, as had originally been planned, as he is found guilty of a further 33 acts committed whilst incarcerated, included throwing a piece of a cell window, which he had broken, towards a guard and hitting him in the head. “Carlos” argues that this was accidental, but the judge did not believe him. A psychiatrist said that the chances of “Carlos” committing a violent act within 5 years of being set free would be 76%. It is yet unclear for how long “Carlos” will have to stay in jail before he is next eligible for parole. His lawyers are now planning to take the case to the European courts of justice.

Not enough snow and not enough rain means that droughts are already happening in the South of the country and the river Po in Italy is at a very low level compared to this time last year. The forecast for this summer is for a very dry summer. In the meantime, this week the weather will be grey and cold.

Have a great week!

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