Znuni News – Monday August 27

A Turk paid 5000 euros for a fake Italian passport and was able to get a permit to live and work in Switzerland. Only because of an anonymous call was the police able to stop the man, have his permit cancelled and get him to leave the country. More and more cases such as this have been taking place, because town employees are not trained to recognise well made false passports.
As predicted traffic chaos ensued Saturday afternoon, as 49 000 spectators made their way to the Allmend to watch Die Toten Hosen in concert! The concert was deemed a success despite the heavens opening just as the lead singer came on stage. The organisers are happy and say that the Allmend grounds are not too damaged after being trampled on in the rain by 49 000 people.
After fish having suffered because of the heatwave, it is now the turn of trees to show signs of stress. Because of the heat, the trees have not been getting enough water via their routes and leaves, this has left them weakened and easy targets for beatles who burrow deep into the drier bark and further weaken the tree. When the next storm with high winds comes along a lot of these trees will be more prone to topple over. Foresters currently are assessing as many trees as possible and felling those deemed too weakened. So don‘t be surprised if you see beautiful old trees being felled, it‘s most probably the consequence of the weather.
On the bright side, whereas European Christmas trees have also suffered from the heatwave, Swiss Christmas trees are overall unaffected, so we will all be able to have our Swiss Christmas tree in our homes this December!

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