Znüni News – Monday April 19

As of today restaurants are allowed to reopen their terraces. Only 4 people are allowed per table and masks can only be removed when eating or drinking. All customer will need to leave their contact information.

Cultural events (sport, theatre, concerts and cinemas) are allowed to take place again, with 100 spectator outdoors and 50 indoors or a third of the venues’ capacity. People must remain seated, wear masks, keep at 1m50 from each other and are not allowed to drink or eat anything during the event.

Adults are now allowed to return to indoor sports and cultural activities (such as choirs).

What remains in place is that only up to 10 people are allowed to meet in private indoors, wellness and indoor pools remain closed and home office continues to be recommended. You can read the details here.

On Saturday close to 1000 people in Schaffhausen protested against the current corona rules. Although they had no permit for the demonstration, the police did not intervene. Most of the protesters did not wear masks.

Expect mild temperatures with highs of 15° celsius and lows of 3° celsius at night this week.

Have a great week!

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