Znüni News – Monday April 12

The government is having to throw 740 000 PCR tests that they stockpiled last year, because they are now past their use by date. This at a cost of over 13 million francs.

On Wednesday the government will announce whether they are going to lift any restrictions at the end of the month. Although the positive test rate will not be taken into account anymore (because of so many more tests being made), there still remains 4 targets which need to be met before any restrictions can be lifted. Currently only the R rate and the number of patients in intensive stations are under the limit: R rate is 0.96 and 175 patients are in intensive care. The number of new cases, deaths and hospital admissions are all higher than allowed. Speculation is that the measures will remain in place until the summer.
However lobbyist are arguing that there is no harm in restaurant and bar terraces being open, we will see what the announcement will be.

Last year, the number of suicides rose, many believing that the lockdown was a direct contributing factor to this. Worryingly teenagers and young adults represented the highest rise in suicides, leading the government to put in place a think-tank to see how they can help this segment of the population deal with any further measures. The canton of Lucerne fared better with fewer suicides than in previous years.

Expect more snow and colder temperatures in the coming days, but if you want to make the most of the fresh snow and go skiing, only the resorts of Andermatt and Engelberg remain open.

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