Znüni News – Monday 31 January 2022

Stormy weather is heading our way over the next 3 days, including strong winds and close to 60 cms of fresh snow being dumped in the mountains. One part of the country that hasn’t seen much precipitation or snow this year is the Tessin, leading to a drought. In fact, since Sunday morning, a wild fire has covered over 6 hectares and led to the evacuation of two villages in the Southern part of the country.

Yesterday, the FC Luzern was playing against the FC Basel in a home game. Basel won by 3 – 0. Despite the strong police presence, the Basel fans caused havoc after the match. Wrecking the buses transporting them back to their trains and standing off to the police who shot rubber bullets into the crowd. Such a shame that this sport cannot just be about football.

After being cancelled for two years, the LUGA, the local spring fair will take place on the Allmend from April 22 to May 1. You can expect hundreds of small stands offering wares from organic foods to hot tubs, farm animals being entered into competitions, and the ubiquitous funfair “Lunapark”. A bit of normality returns to the region.

It seems that despite the rising numbers of Covid-19 cases, home office and quarantine will no longer be mandatory. The government will make their announcement on Wednesday.

Weather wise this week will be in two halves, from today until Wednesday you can expect stormy weather with strong winds and lots of snow/rain, as of Thursday the sun will return. Have a great week!

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