Znüni News – Monday 28. February 2022

Today part two of Fasnacht began in Lucerne. Whilst some are questioning whether celebrations should still be taking place with a backdrop of war in Eastern Europe, some 40 000 revellers turned up on the weekend to celebrate in the city. We can now expect 48 hours of partying until a return to “normal” on wednesday.

Meanwhile, on the weekend, 20 000 people protested Russia’s attack on the Ukraine in Bern. Switzerland is now looking into sanctions that they can impose on Russia; they are joining the EU in forbidding any Russian planes from flying into its air space, blocking bank accounts belonging to certain Russian politicians, businessmen and oligarchs, as well as looking into not using Russian gas for its domestic needs (currently 45% of gas in Switzerland comes from Russia). Also Switzerland is open to welcoming Ukrainian refugees into the country; the details are being figured out and should be made public soon.

In football, the FC Lucerne team were playing against Lausanne on the weekend. Lucerne was leading 2:0 when a Lausanne fan threw a large firework next to the Lucerne goalie, Marius Müller, who had to be treated for shock. Luckily no lasting damage was found and the game could go on. Lucerne won 2 – 1.

Cold nights but sunny days are to be expected this week.

Enjoy a “rüüdige Fasnacht!”

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