Znüni News – Monday 14. March 2022

Over 3000 Ukrainians have arrived in Switzerland since the invasion of their country began. As of last Saturday, Ukrainians can apply for an S Permit, which gives them the right to live and work in Switzerland for one year. The permit is renewable should the war continue after the first year. 650 Ukrainians applied for the S Permit on Saturday which has pushed the bureaucracy to its limit. The government is now asking Ukrainians who are already in the country to wait a few days to apply. As Ukrainian citizens, they are anyhow allowed to stay in the country for 3 months before having to apply for the permit.

As the number of Covid cases continue to rise, the schools in the canton are facing a challenge, with over 300 teachers currently in isolation. This is proving to be a logistical challenge for the education department who is having to find replacements at short notice. Some schools are considering asking their teachers to resume wearing masks.

A wild fire broke out near Meiringen in the canton of Bern on Sunday. The unseasonal dry weather and Föhn wind is making it hard for the fire department to bring the fire under control. As a consequence the Luzern – Interlaken East train connections as been affected, with many trains delayed or cancelled until at least Monday lunchtime.

It looks like for the first time in 12 years a Swiss skier will be winning the World Ski Cup. Marco Odermatt, who is from Stans, has a 319 point lead on the other skiers meaning that he is, defacto, already champion. He will be the 5th Swiss to ever win the title and the first one since Carlo Janka in 2010. There are three races to go before he can lift the cup.

Sunny, warm weather is to be expected, a great way to welcome spring on Sunday!

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