Znüni News – Friday September 23

After years of discussion there seems to be a breakthrough with how to deal with coaches and parking spots downtown. The town’s parliament has given the go-ahead for a case study that would see a passenger tunnel build between the hospital and downtown. This would then mean that a larger car/coach parking could be build on the outskirts of the city and the passengers could then make their way on foot into the old town.

Children aged 6 to 16 will receive a CHF 300.- voucher towards public transport as of next year. This will bring the cost of their year bus pass from CHF610.- to CHF 310.-

Renting a shop downtown is getting more expensive again. 2020 saw the lowest rent prices with the square meter coming in at CHF 400.- per year, this is now up to CHF 485.-. However the premium spots around Schwanenplatz are still going for between CHF 1200.- and CHF 3000.- a square meter.

The Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron are making headlines for the wrong reasons. The star architects behind the Olympic stadium in Bejing and the Tate Modern in London, have built the Beyrouth Terraces: a deluxe highrise where a 500 m2 appartment costs 3.5 million dollars. However, the reasons that they are receiving negative press is because the maid rooms are less than 3.9 meters and have no windows. Oftentimes more than one maid is expected to live in that space. The architects are countering that they initially suggested other options but this is the way the project owners wanted it.

It’s autumn! Unfortunately today seems to be the last of the nice weather days. This weekend will rain and lower temperatures. Time for chestnuts and warm drinks by the fireplace!

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