Znuni News – Friday September 21

Luzern votes to not join the Rainbow Cities Network association which helps promote and defend the rights of the LGBTI community on a political level. Although Luzern identifies as a LGBTI friendly city they cited the fact that becoming a part of the association would mean creating a new job within the city which they could not afford at this stage. They are offering to look further into how they could make this partnership work, meanwhile the initiants for this cooperation have suggested bringing it to the people for a referendum on the subject. Currently Zürich and Geneva are the only two cities in Switzerland that are partners with the Rainbow Cities Network, Bern will be joining shortly.

In the never ending construction work saga, downtown Luzern is currently at the heart of things, as the old C&A building is being torn down to make room for a brand new modern building. The contruction work is going on 6 days a week meaning that all the local businesses are suffering from a loss of customers due to the noise and inconvenience caused by work. The work is due to continue for a full year.

Today is the Films for the Earth festival which is taking place all over Switzerland. In Luzern it will be taking place at the Neubad from 12.15 until 22.00

The programme will run simultaneously in all locations. The panel discussion will be broadcasted live from the main stage in Winterthur to all the locations.

12:15-13:30 The Empire of Red Gold | Lunch pick-up starts at 12:00
16:00-17:00 Blue Heart
18:00-19:30 The Messenger
20:00-22:00 The Human Element (premiere) including a 20 minute panel discussion before the film with Gabriele Müller-Ferch (environmental expert at ProClim, moderation SRF series “Heute und hier”) and Livio Rey (Ornithologist and media spokesperson of Vogelwarte) | Moderation: Mitja Rietbrock (SRF)

The entrance fee is on a donation basis (suggested CHF 10.-).

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