Znüni News – Friday September 14

The big news this week is that surfers can now get a taste of surfing at the Mall of Switzerland. The artificial wave which can be as high as 1m 50. to 80 cms for kids is comparable to riding a surf wave on the river Reuss. People who have tried it find it fun, but be warned that the cost is between CHF 48.- to 54.- for 45 minutes and you can expect to share the ride with up to 10 surfers. Still it’s the closest you’re going to get to regular surfing in Switzerland! Find out more here.

Next year there will be no Luzerner Fest. This charity event comprises of a full day of music and one big party throughout the city in June. Unfortunately the organisers are running out of funds and need to rethink the concept. They are invited anyone with suggestions to come to an information/brainstorming session on September 27 from 19.00 at the Barfuesser Bar in the Winkelriedstrasse for the relaunch in 2020. If you are interested in participating please contact them by September 21: zukunft@luzernerfest.ch

Last night was quite stormy, in fact over 1280 thunder lightning bolts were registered in the canton alone; more than anywhere else in the country. The lightning was accompanied by strong rain but we can all look forward to another Indian summer this weekend and into next week. So after the motto after the rain comes the sun, here is a classic Swiss song (after rain the sun shines) revisited first by Switzerland’s version of a crooner Michael von der Heide, then scroll down for a completely surreal version!


and now for a completely surreal version!



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