Znüni News- Friday October 26

Don’t forget to put your clocks back one hour on the night from Saturday to Sunday. Yes! We get to sleep in!!

An accident between a Postauto bus and a truck left 8 people injured, two seriously between Wiggen and Escholzmatt. The reason for the accident was the truck’s trailer crossing over onto the other lane and taking the whole side of the bus out. A car which was behind the bus was also damaged but luckily the driver got out unscathed.

Starting next year all students going to the secondary school will be given a free laptop by the city. This is to prepare children for both professional and personal challenges according to the department of education. The project will cost CHF 5,8 million francs.

On Sunday the City Marathon will take place this means that most bus routes downtown will not be running and it will be virtually impossible to go through the town on anything but your own two feet or on a bike. Here is map showing what will be closed, click on it to download the map. For all those racing, courage and pace yourselves!

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