Znüni News – Friday October 19

A murder took place in Brunnen as, most probably, the result of burglary gone wrong. Employees from a company grew worried when their work colleague did not turn up for work so asked the police to go to the person’s home and check if they were there. As the police neared the home, a young man sprinted out of the house. Inside the house the police found the victim brutally murdered. The fleeing man was arrested shortly thereafter.

The Swiss Army is suing the company Victorinox because the company decided to trademark “Swiss Military” in the United States for their perfume line. The Swiss Army argues that they are the rightful owners for anything army related and should be able to use the terms anywhere in the world. Should Victorinox be allowed to trademark the term, the Swiss Army would not be able to do trade in the States. Ironically Victorinox and the Swiss Army have a long standing partnership as the company is the producer of the Swiss Army knife. The court case is ongoing.

As of 2019 train passengers will be able to use free Wi-Fi. SBB is running a pilot project offering free Wi-Fi via an app on some of its connections. However this is only valid for Sunrise and Salt users as Swisscom did not want to take part in the pilot project arguing that up to 2/3 of their customers already have nationwide coverage. What this pilot project doesn‘t take into account are tourists with no Swiss telephone contracts which seems a shame.


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