Znüni News – Friday November 5

After hooligans recently caused havoc at football matches in Lucerne and Zurich, organisers are looking into what can be done in order to make fans more accountable for their actions. They are considering implementing the sale of personalised tickets with people’s name on them. That way should someone be banned from attending a footbll match it would be easier to control whether they are attending or not. Although, politically, this is thought to be a good solution, because of the many administrative hurdles it is doubtful whether this solution will be implemented any time soon.

Faced with the resistence of locals to the installation of 5G antennas in the city, the town has now decided to change a previous ruling and allow for antennas to be installed on buildings owned by the city. Schools, kindergartens and retirement homes would remain exempt from this new rule.

The owners of the “Walliserkanne”, the restaurant in Zermatt refusing to implement the Covid-19 regulations, have been released from jail. It has now come to light that they are QAnon followers and think that the whole Covid-19 pandemic is a government orchestrated hoax. The restaurant remains closed until further notice.

Are you a schnapps fan? If yes, you will want to get your hands on some Hecht schnapps, as they won best distillery of the country for the 9th time. It is a family operation based in Gunzwil and 6 of his schnapps won gold.

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