Znüni News – Friday November 4.

Brian, the man incarcerated who has been in solitary confinement for years was technically “freed” from his current sentence on MMonday but immediately jailed again for over 33 violents acts he purpotedly committed whilst in jail. As he is at risk of reoffending he was not given bail and will have to wait for his sentencing whilst in jail.

1300 fans took part in last night’s FC Lucerne’s general assembly. This is because right now there is a power struggle at the management level of the club and the fans want to show their support for the current president Stefan Wolf. The club’s main shareholder, Bernahrd Alpstaeg, was hoping to fire the president and replace him with himself and have total control of the club. He currently owns 52% of the club’s shares. He was the man who invested in the building of the current stadium and has been a financial supporter of the club but it seems as if his vision of the club does not coincide with that of the club’s fans and there has been an ongoing power struggle. What was meant to have been an extraordinary session yesterday (where it is alleged Alpstaeg was going to fire both the club’s president and sport chief) was turned back into a general assembly where fans and smaller shareholders were allowed to have their say. It is now unclear when the extraordinary assembly will take place and what will come of this situation.

Meanwhile the town’s parliament is also being talked about because of football, in this case because it voted to finish their next parliamentary session one and half hours earlier in order to allow everyone to go home and watch the Swiss versus Brazil football match at the World Championship. Some members of parliament find it disgusting that they should cut short time spent looking into the city’s affairs so as to watch football, whilst others applaud the initiative admitting that, if not, they would have been surreptitiously watching it on their phones during the session.

Germany is not allowed to deliver ammunition bought from Switzerland to the Ukraine. Because of its “neutrality” role, Switzerland can not be seen to be favouring either side of the conflict and a clause if the ammunition deal with Germany stipulates that the ammunitions can not be passed on to a third party.

Winter is back. Expect cold nights once more and snow down to 1300 meters this weekend. Do not attempt to go into the mountain if your car still has its summer tires on! You can read our article about driving on snow here.

Have a great weekend!

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