Znüni News – Friday November 20

If you were downtown yesterday you may have seen empty bedframes strewn around Schwanenplatz. This was a protest organised by the local hotels to point how their branch has suffered from the pandemic with 63.5% of nights cancelled by guests so far this year. Hotels are a vital part of the local economy, over the last 15 years hotels have contributed 10 million francs to support local events and projects . 3500 people are directly employed by hotels but up to 12 000 jobs are relying on tourists in central Switzerland. They are asking for more financial help from the government.

105 trees are going to be cut down in Lucerne in the coming weeks. They are either sick, too old and unstable to hold up much longer or an invasive non- native species. The trees will be replaced in spring 2021. There currently are 11 000 trees in the city of Lucerne and around 100 get felled every year.

The numbers continue to go down with just over 5000 cases being reported nationally yesterday, but we are far from reaching the goal the government had set of 1000 infections by December 1st.

The key remains social distancing, wearing masks and getting tested as soon as you have symptoms. This is the link to be tested at one of the drive in centres.

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