Znüni News – Friday November 12

The canton of Lucerne is looking into ensuring that all primary school pupils have the same fixed hours, this in order to facilitate the lives of working parents who would then know in advance when to organise day carers and after school activities.

Simonetta Sommaruga, our environmental minister, is at the COP 26 and in charge of helping countries come up with a realistic time plan for the implementation of climate actions. She is working with the Rwandan environmental minister in leading this part of the congress. It is proving to be a challenge. On the other hand, Switzerland is being criticised for doing far too little, in view of its wealth and small size, to change things in its own country.

The town’s parliament has approved a budget of CHF 19 million for the new underground bicycle parking which will be on the Bahnhofstrasse. The new concept foresees that nearly no cars will be allowed along the water front and only 70 bikes will be allowed to park above ground. All of the old trees will need to be cut down and replaced with new ones when the project is finished in 2025. This, much to the disappointment of the environmentalist groups.

It seems that the lifting of the home office restriction is causing more delays for trains and in road traffic than before. Although the sink hole which appeared on the railtracks between Lausanne and Geneva beginning of this week can only be blamed on nature.

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