Znüni News – Friday May 6.

Employees of the Nespresso factory in Romon, Freiburg were in for a surprise when they opened containers shipped from Brasil. The containers contained the coffee beans they had ordered but also 500 kilos of cocaine hidden amongst the official shipment. The police removed the drugs and are investigating how they ended up there. Nespresso assures its clients that the cocaine did not come into contact with any of the beans.

An independant US commission (the Helsinki Commission) looking into the Ukraine war has accused Switzerland of colluding with Putin’s government. They are accusing the government of being “Putin’s enabler” in the sense that they are not acting harshly enough to stop Russian money to flow in and out of the country and that bank secrecy is a loophole allowing dictators to hide their money. The Swiss government has reacted with shock and strongly denies any wrong-doing. Switzerland has partnered up with the EU on imposing sanctions against Russia.

Most car owners have number plates with six numbers on them, but you can buy number plates when they are returned to the DMV. In general the cost is set by the department and the fewer the numbers the more expensive they are. However, recently a number plate with just one number was returned in the canton of St Gallen and it was auctioned off. The number plate “SG 4” was sold for an astonishing 179 700 francs.

This weekend the sun will return and next week will see temperatures in the high 20s. This means that there will be a lot of pollen in the air, today and tomorrow are forecast to be particular bad. So people with pollen allergies should be particularly careful.

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