Znüni News – Friday May 21

The Baggersee, a 5.2 km lake in the Seetal region, does not have enough oxygen. In fact last September no oxygen could be found on the bottom of the lake at all. This is why the commune injects it with 500 tonnes of oxygen every year, but it needs much more oxygen than that to be heathy again. For this reason several hundred thousand francs will be spent in order to modernise the oxygenation system. The main culprit is phosphorus which is a by-product of the cow dung farmers spray onto their fields every year. Currently 3.2 tonnes of phosphorus land in the lake every year. On the plus side this is way down from numbers in the seventies (9.9 tonnes) but still far from the 2.2 tonnes deemed acceptable.

It’s a sad end for the ship the MS Mythen, the parliament turned down the option to have it made into a floating restaurant which means that it will end up in the junkyard to be dismantled.

In the past few weeks nine people have been injured on buses in Lucerne when these had to brake suddenly. Which is why VBL is calling for people to not get up until they have reached the bus stop and to hold on, especially when they are standing.

This weekend is another long one as Monday is a holiday. Shops downtown will be closed but most shopping malls will be open. It will be a mixed bag weather wise, pretty much continuing as the week started. Enjoy the break!

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