Znüni News – Friday May 13.

Today is Friday the 13th, for some considered an unlucky day (although I think that people born on that day would beg to differ!), however today is a bad day for the planet as we have reached the “Swiss Overshoot Day“. This means that as of today Switzerland has used up its “allocated” global natural resources and is using “borrowed” resources for the rest of the year. If the whole planet were to live like Switzerland we would need 2.8 earths to meet all our needs. Last year the global overshoot day fell on July 29. You can look into the various data and how we can help move the day by going to this website.

A terrible accident happened yesterday in Feusisberg, Schwyz. A construction pit collapsed and killed three workers. 90 helpers worked until midnight to retrieve the bodies out of the rubble. Why the accident happened is still being looked into, construction has resumed this morning.

This weekend is going to be sunny with temperatures back in the high 20s and there is plenty to do.

Lucerne, Zug and Schwyz will be dancing all weekend – starting today, the streets will be filled with various dancing schools offering free shows. A special shoutout to the Miniaturen show for kids (8 to 12) taking place today at 16.00 at the Theater Pavillon, Capturing eMotion tomorrow from 11.00, a workshop for young and old, and the Renates Nunes Flamenco group which will be performing tomorrow in various places through town. You can find the full programme here.

Tomorrow night will be the Eurovision song contest final taking place in Turin. Switzerland will be represented by Marius Bear singing “Boys do cry”. Ukrainian will also be represented and it is expected that they will be getting a lot of votes.

On Sunday the Lucerne World Theatre Company will be presenting their FEATS festival entry “Fourteen” a the Theatre Pavillon at 17.00. The FEATS festival will be taking place in Luxembourg this year and English speaking theatre groups from all over Europe take part. You can book your free ticket for Sunday’s performance here.

Sunday is voting day in Switzerland, we will be publishing a post about the various referendum topics later today.

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